Why Rank 100+ Organic Keywords?

Search Engine Optimization only works when you go after a Broad Range of Keywords for your website


There are many reasons to rank large number of keywords for a website, with the most important facts are that every keyword bring qualified leads and sales --- the difference is the "volume of search traffic" by keyword phrase.  Here is an example of how we think about organic SEO ranking and why we believe its important to rank large number of keyword phrases.

Keywords SEO firms like Peer365.com leverage and we are ranking some of these keywords starting Nov. 1, 2011, our new website Peer365.com was launched on Sep. 15, 2011, from our parent Company (VERTX SEO), thus this is a new website -- the list below is what we call high volume and highly competitive keywords to rank:


  1. SEO
  2. Houston SEO
  3. SEO Houston
  4. SEO Firm Houston
  5. Houston SEO Firm
  6. SEO Company Houston
  7. Houston SEO Company
  8. Search Engine Marketing Houston
  9. Houston Search Engine Marketing
  10. SEM Houston
  11. Houston SEM
  12. Internet Marketing Houston
  13. Houston Internet Marketing
  14. Internet Marketing Firm Houston
  15. Houston Internet Marketing Firm
  16. Website Marketing Services Houston
  17. Houston Website Marketing Services
  18. Web Marketing Houston
  19. Houston Web Marketing
  20. Search Marketing Houston
  21. Houston Search Marketing
  22. Local Maps Ranking Houston
  23. Houston Local Maps Ranking
  24. Houston Local SEO
  25. Local SEO Houston


Here is an example of secondary keywords which also delivers qualified search traffic for our website, these have less volume but they are equally important to deliver us leads and sales:

  1. The Woodlands SEO
  2. SEO The Woodlands
  3. SEO Katy
  4. Katy SEO
  5. SEO Spring
  6. Spring SEO
  7. SEO Sugarland
  8. Sugarland SEO
  9. SEO TX
  10. TX SEO
  11. SEO Texas
  12. Texas SEO
  13. Austin SEO
  14. SEO Austin
  15. Dallas SEO
  16. SEO Dallas
  17. San Antonio SEO
  18. SEO San Antonio
  19. SEO Firm Woodlands
  20. Woodlands SEO Firm
  21. SEO Company Woodlands
  22. Woodlands SEO Company
  23. Search Engine Marketing Woodlands
  24. Woodlands Search Engine Marketing
  25. SEM Woodlands
  26. Woodlands SEM
  27. Internet Marketing Woodlands
  28. Woodlands Internet Marketing
  29. Internet Marketing Firm Woodlands
  30. Woodlands Internet Marketing Firm
Do you see above how we can easily get to 100 keywords --- and why its important to rank a large number of keywords for Google, Yahoo and Bing organic?  Every keyword above brings in potential leads -- a lead is a lead -- sure high volume keywords bring in more leads but we love leads from any number of keywords -- don't you?  Other advantages are that with a large number of keywords -- Google, Yahoo and Bing trusts your website to be a subject matter expert thus giving your website more volume of keywords -- meaning more exposure and more leads!!
Peer365 SEO pricing is very competitive and designed to provide our clients website with the maximum online exposure from a large number of keywords positioned on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Houston SEO - SEO Houston - SEO Company Houston - Houston SEO Company - SEO Firm Houston - Houston SEO Firm


Peer365.com delivers results --- we perform the same tasks for our SEO firm ranking for our website as with our clients.  We are simply better at what we do then our peers who work as SEO experts.  Our mission is to help you get an increasingly better ROI on your online marketing dollar through the use of our UNLIMITED KEYWORDS SEO RANKINGS SERVICE.   We believe this provides the best value for our clients and we aim to help you increase you leads & sales every 6 to 12 months through increase in qualified search traffic.  Gives us a call or email us for more information at Peer365.com Houston SEO Company!!!

NOTE:  Google Local Maps - Local Places --- placement of keywords and ranking them continues to be an increasingly important factor for online exposure and we include up to 10 keywords as part of the organic SEO pricing plans.  Additionally, leveraging Google AdWords is also important part of getting a good ROI.


ORGANIC SEO - Steady Growth In Website Traffic Over Time

Steady Increase in Website Qualified Site Traffic - Houston SEO - SEO Houston - Internet Marketing Houston - Houston Internet Marketing

We setup a brand new website to brand Peer365.com Houston SEO Company from our parent Company in Sep. 15, 2011.  Most of our Clients have been with us for many, many years --- our mission with Peer365.com is to provide the tools, solutions and exceptional customer service to help our clients achieve massive online exposure across 100+ keywords per client per market category and geographic domination.

Additionally, we provide the same solution and services to our Clients as we achieve results for our own business.  There is much we do to help educate our Clients regarding online marketing services and solutions.  We are in the B2B and B2C Internet marketing space.  This is a very competitive space however we have a niche that makes us unique:  "Peer365.com Houston SEO Firm produces saturation marketing exposure for our clients via organic SEO Services for 100+ keywords".


What does 100+ Keywords - Online Saturation Marketing Mean?

Most SEO / PR Firms / Retained Marketing Firms -- CAN NOT DO WHAT WE DO FOR OUR CLIENTS.  Most of our Competitors can only deliver 10 to 25 keywords to rank -- that means you will "potentially" get leads from a limited number of keywords over a period of time --- that's if the SEO Company you hire can even maintain them on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Peer365.com SEO Houston Company on the other hand focus on getting your website ranked for 100 to 1000 keywords.  Yes, you read this right 100 to 1,000 keywords over a period of time.  These keywords includes "high volume search keywords" which all of your competitors are ranking for as well.  This gives our clients a massive advantage because not only do they keep the online marketing budget at a fixed price with Peer365.com Houston SEO Company but we also deliver a large exposure from keywords that deliver leads & sales for our Clients.  This large exposure of keywords ensures that they have a steady flow of business and they are not reliant on a small number of high volume keywords.  Furthermore, its important to state that our solutions includes ranking keywords on Google Local Maps organic ranking --- this brings in yet another channel of leads which delivers the best exposure for our Clients.  Affordable SEO pricing plans...

Below is a chart of Peer365.com SEO Ranking from Google Analytics from the inception and launch of our website.  Why not ask your SEO firm to show you how they are doing on organic SEO and if they are growing there own site traffic?  Clearly we have excellent competition in our SEO market in Houston --- however, if you Compare us on a 6 month basis for the site and also the number of keywords delivering leads during the same period, we believe you will see a significant value with Peer365.com SEO Houston Company over our competitors.

Give us a call or email us before leverage SEO services for your business.

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