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FREE Website Design Services to Market Your Business

If you have an existing website or need a website built for your existing business or for a new business, count on our team to design you a FREE website design services (custom WordPress website built with unique content) optimized for search engines.   Additionally, we customize the colors, fonts, images, written text and format for consumers to align with your products and services -- overtime create your brand identity online and offline.  What is typically included in our custom websites are as follows:

  • FREE Website Design Services to Market Your Business - WordPress Custom Designed Business Website FREE with SEO Packages by Peer365 SEO ServicesFREE Website WordPress Peer365 Theme : performance optimized, tested for search engine performance and configurable settings. W3c Compliant, HTML5 Compliant, website testing to variety of browser sizes and operating systems, mobile site configuration and confirmation it works on tablets, cell phones on a variety of devices.


  • FREE Website Content Development : our search engine optimization team research high volume and low volume keywords that convert into traffic for your website first, then hand over the keywords to our content writers to create unique custom content that is both search engine compliant and convinces the end consumer you are targeting convert into leads or sales for your business.


  • FREE Website Design Services : once we have the content for the website, we customize the website for your specific business be it products or service that you sell.  Our senior website designers typically spend a minimum of 4 to 6 days to complete your website with a minimum of 15 to 25 pages of website custom content, images, text, headers, titles, sliders, galleries, testimonials, business address and more.  Our team looks at the website from your customers point of view - we want the information to flow clearly to help your customers find what they are looking for and give them sufficient information to convert them into a lead or sale for your business.  Additionally, there is a lot of time spent by our website design team to ensure that internal links are connecting with key content pages to help them navigate quickly and support all of the specific on page optimization rules known to produce best organic search results without website SEO services.


  • FREE Website Landing Page Design and Testing : many of our clients leverage us for both organic SEO and Google AdWords (pay per click ads) marketing.  We are a Google AdWords Partner - certified to bring you best results from your Google AdWords marketing budget.  We believe the combination of AdWords PPC marketing and organic SEO brings the best results for high volume keywords for your business. Typically, we have to build countless custom landing pages for specific types of keywords and Google Ads to get the best results.  The process is time consuming and must be done with significant thought towards consumer conversion of leads and sales.  We research competitor landing page designs specifically for the keywords and after checking the conversion rates using 3rd party SEO reporting tools, we design a series of landing pages.  We don't stop here, we typically test the landing pages for conversion every 2 weeks for several cycles before we are confident that our clients have the best ROI from Google AdWords marketing budget.

Best part of our website design services is that its 100% FREE Website Design Services with our SEO marketing packages


Search Engine Optimization Services  -  SEO Services  -  Organic SEO Services

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization Services, also known as SEO Services, Organic SEO Services - Google has made significant number of changes over the past years with the release of Humming Bird, Penguin and Panda release cycles.  On any given day, Google, Yahoo and bing search engines craws millions of pages of website content, downloads them onto internal company servers.  Then they take this information and parses it into topic, categories, etc using internal mathematical formulas.

Then they index the information, similar to a librarian indexing books in a library. Search Engine Optimization Services  -  SEO Services  -  Organic SEO ServicesOnce this step is completed, then the search engines use website indexed content data and outside the website (Internet content data about the website) creates a ranking listing and places it on the search pages.  This position on the search results of Google, Yahoo and bing is called Page Rank.  Unless the website is on page 1 position 1 to 6 at the top of the search results page, there is little to no clicks taking place and thus the website traffic is limited if any.

Our team of SEO experts at Peer365 SEO Services - we distribute unique content across blogs, publish quality article, request relevant websites to publish your content with links back to your specific content and we do it with significant focus on quality. In the past we used to rely on 400 to 800 monthly website 2.0 links, while this worked well for many years, this types of process does not produce long-term ranking for our clients.  We have since then revised our internal platforms, process of posting content, checking for PR 3 to PR12 ranked sites to place less volumes of links but quality content and links for best long-term website ranking for our clients organic SEO ranking.  Additionally, we add bookmarks, social bookmarks, article postings, directory listings, setup Google Local Business Listing.

Our SEO team leaders focus a lot of energy on quality delivering fast ranking results for SEO services. We specialize in SEO ORGANIC RECOVERY SERVICES - if you website traffic is lost due to Panda, Penguin and/or Hummingbird, check our results and contact us, we can help you with your organic SEO traffic recovery.


Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords  -  AdWords Managed Services  -  Google Paid Ads Marketing Services

AdWords Certified Vendor | Google AdWords Certified Vendor Houston SEOPeer365 SEO Services is a Google AdWords Partner, certified marketing specialists with focus on building campaigns that costs less per click, has a better click through rates and measuring key statistics to convert leads and sales for our clients.  We setup Google AdWords in your account and 100% of your marketing budget goes from you directly towards ads exposure within your AdWords account. seo-peer365While most marketing firms invoice you for AdWords marketing budget we don't do that because we want you to see the exact amount of money allocated towards your online exposure.

We want you to have full control over your accounts and over your budgets -- this way you know exactly what our fees are vs. what was spent directly with Google AdWords. Google does not set a fee for your AdWords Cost Per Click - this is an auction platform built by Google and your peers who compete with you for the same type of products and services hunting for the same type of customers bid against each other to get the best position for clicks to the website.

So, its critical that you hire a marketing firm that has years of experience working on the Google AdWords platform, understands your business and creates the right type of campaign to get your business the best ROI for your online AdWords marketing budget.

If you AdWords manager does not know what the bounce rate ranges should be, does not know how to measure quality score of the ads and keywords, does not know how to optimize the Ads, and campaigns and/or there is low conversion from traffic into leads and sales - then give us a call for pay-per-click Google AdWords paid ads marketing services.


Google+ Social Media Marketing Services  -  Social Media Marketing Services

FREE Google+ Social Media Marketing Services with our organic SEO packages.  We know that Google+ is growing faster than any other social media marketing platforms history, faster growth than Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Google+ is an unique platform which allows one to connect using people search based on physical location of the person, type of skills of the person, individuals job titles, type of work a person does, and many other ways to search for specific types of people and connect with them. Google+ Social Media Marketing Services  -  Social Media Marketing ServicesGoogle+ is a blend between LinkedIn Network and Facebook - thus making it a very useful communications and market tool.

Google is moving more towards confirming the authorship of content posted on the Internet, such as reviews are authentic based on Google+ account usages, etc.  Thus, Google+ is significantly more important to leverage along with organic SEO services for confirming the credibility of the postings and bring people together for both information sharing, leads and sales.

Its important to identify qualified Google+ Social Media Marketing experts who understand your business, where you are located, what type of people you will want to reach and what type of information should be shared within the social platform and how to get the best ROI for any money your spend on Google+, Facebook and other platforms.

We do not charge any additional fees for Google+ setup and Google+ Social Media Marketing. Call us for more information regarding social media marketing services by Peer365 SEO Services.

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